Some of the good things that our clients have to say about us.

Stephen led the Strategic Architecture definition for a major Programme within FSCS. He delivered an architecture which aligned with both organisational strategy and the wider industry standards and emerging digital approaches within the public sector. Stephen has a rare ability to translate complex technical ideas into business vision. He clearly led Board members through our approach, making them comfortable with the proposed solutions.
 He also has the ability to work at a commercial and contractual level and added immense value to our contractual and legal framework for supplier selection. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Stephen again.
Mhairi Kennedy, Financial Services Compensation Scheme


“It’s crucial in today’s world of limitless digital choice for an organisation to leverage its users’ attention data to improve its services. Our pilot project with Plus or Minus Seven helped us come to terms with the fact that, by harnessing structured and unstructured data we’d have otherwise ignored, we could lead audiences to find content they’d love but would not otherwise have discovered.
Chris  [Media company]


Stephen Moffitt, from Plus or Minus Seven, was instrumental in helping transform the Department of Health/NHS healthcare space technical guidance from print to dynamic digital content. Starting with the initial proof of concept around disaggregating the manuals, he provided the vision and know-how in developing the publishing platform and business model. His expertise in explaining technology to non-technical people and translating editorial, legal and policy requirements into a technology roadmap was key to the success of the transformation programme.

Once the initial platform was delivered, he acted as the head of the technology workstream within the programme. In that capacity, he worked with the senior stakeholders across a number of organisations to ensure that the changes to business practices and financial models were put into place. At the same time, he oversaw the continued evolution of the platform in response to customer and stakeholder feedback.  

His strategic vision and ability to communicate this to others helped make Space for Health possible within a complex environment. How best to sum up what Stephen brought to a three-year development programme? I am imagining what it would have been like to deliver the transformation from print to dynamic digital content without him. In the first instance, there would not have been a huge creative input shaping the technology roadmap. Precise technical specifications for procurement would have been missing. Signing off work packages would  have been a nightmare. Long meetings with senior stakeholders would have been ill-informed and unable to take strategic decisions on just about everything. Fixing day-to-day problems arising from agile web development with remote teams and clients would have been so much trickier.

The capable, hands-on management, technical know-how, commitment for excellence and passion for intelligent, needs-led transformative change that drives Plus or Minus Seven was our most valuable asset throughout the long journey from Post-it notes and marker pens to fully-functioning website.

Sue Holding, Department of Health/NHS Space for Health