Hotels and venues

Whether we like it or not the physical space has, and continues to be, transformed by the digital. With those who embrace technology and the benefits it brings getting the continued success they deserve. Wireless and mobile networks, high definition screens of all sizes, the increasing ability to collect and develop meaningful insights into visitor’s wishes and offer more and more relevant services have created new bespoke offerings and spaces. Digital transformation is about helping venues be more than simply providers of access, but to integrate the digital into the physical, enhancing services and the visitor experience. Thus giving the customer a more enhanced and rounded experience. With new technologies and business models, venues can extend into virtual space, connecting with customers across geography and time.

Having worked with venues, like the Southbank Centre, to define a strategy that utilises digital technologies both to offer new and innovative services and to improve the efficiency of staff has given Plus or Minus Seven a real insight into how the different age and demographic areas of the public wish to be serviced.

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