Plus or Minus Seven rebranding

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Sun 22/09/2013

Plus or Minus Seven focus on digital transformation strategy and implementation.

Plusor Minus Seven logoPlus or Minus Seven have recently worked with Latitude Solutions to rebrand themselves as the ‘Digital Transformation Specialists.’ This work has culminated in the new look Plus or Minus Seven website and the development new service offerings, including its Digital Transformation Insight review.

Plus or Minus Seven director Stephen Moffitt said, “This rebranding reflects the broadening approach that we are taking with clients. Increasingly, organisations are recognising that digital transformation is more than new technology. In order to address the disruptions that the digital economy has created, businesses have to look at their strategies, business models, resources and data as well.”

Drawing on their extensive experience across business, technology and law, Plus or Minus Seven are positioned to act as the trusted advisor in the transformation process. Stephen noted that, “The team at Plus or Minus Seven have been engaged in digital transformation since the first dot com boom in San Francisco, so we have lived and breathed this for over 15 years. The rebranding acknowledges our experience and the demands of the market place.”