POMS partners with Nimble to help companies become digital product businesses

Submitted by Stephen Moffitt on
Mon 07/11/2016

Plus or Minus Seven have partnered with Nimble to help businesses become ‘digital product businesses.’ Unlike “traditional agencies,” this offering is not about just delivering you a product and walking away. It is about putting in place the right business model, technology and resources to ensure your digital product delivers in a changing environment day one and three years down the line.

This new service, under the Nimble banner, helps business leaders understand how to get the best out their digital product spend by applying the experience that POMS and Nimble have in transforming businesses and bringing successful digital products to market. We have distilled this experience down into a 3-step process that helps clients define their short and medium-term goals in a tangible, measurable way; put in place everything needed to deliver a successful product and help that product grow and improve over time.

“We are there,” according to Stephen Moffitt, director of POMS, “to help clients understand the key factors in delivering sustained success with digital products. If this new territory, it pays to have someone there who has done built digital product businesses, not just delivered digital products.”

To find out more about about how we can help you become a digital product business, visit the Nimble site.