The digital transformation specialists

  • Are you the CEO of a global company that provides great returns; however shareholders expect the company to take advantage of new digital opportunities to generate larger profits?
  • Do you have a highly successful business, but know that a move to digital is required to reduce costs and move the business into the new market?
  • Is your long established business losing clients to new flexible technology based competition and you need help to take advantage of the new platforms?

POMS transformation roadmapAll of these are typical of long standing companies and the impact new technology has on their long standing business practices.

Plus or Minus Seven has worked with organisations such as ITV, the BBC, Dorling Kindersley, the Department of Health and the Southbank Centre to define their digital transformation strategy and how they will implement it through a transformation programme. Working from initial discovery and strategic planning through to on-the-ground implementation Plus or Minus Seven works has delivered full successful transformational projects.

For more information on the different services we provide, use the links in the sidebar. We also have a particular focus on Big Data insight and strategy as part of our overall digital transformation activity.