The emerging business paradigm

The Plus or Minus Seven Adaptive Transformation Framework is the right tool for any business confronted with a business environment in which:

  • Digital technologies are appearing almost daily
  • Customer expectations and behaviours are changing faster than you can
  • New competitors are disrupting your market and taking substantial market share

Our framework

Adaptive Transformation Framework is our unique approach to reinventing companies for the digital age. Built on over 25 years of experience and research, it combines an understanding of large-scale economic and business paradigm shifts with a practical strategic approach to transformation. ATF is not just digital transformation. Its aim is to help companies become more adaptive, responsive and attentive in a continually changing environment.

Benefits of Adaptive Transformation Framework

ATF helps businesses:

  • Develop a strategic approach to brand, customers and technologies tailored to uncertain and changing marketplaces
  • Create a data and digital ecosystem that supports the whole customer experience life cycle
  • Become more flexible and adaptive through better data insight and brand/customer engagement
  • Position themselves to be successful today and tomorrow through agile, responsive yet focused business models

Through applying the ATF, businesses can expect to:

  • Increase their speed to market with new products and services
  • Become faster at responding to changing market conditions
  • Gain better value from their investment in data insight and digital technologies
  • Become more effective and efficient at delivering their vision and business targets in uncertain and challenging environments