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Data matching service

Why use the service?

Have you ever been in the situation where you have data on customers in different system across your business and there is no standard ID to tell if Meg Tilly in one database is same person as Megan S Tilly in another? Or have you recently acquired a new business and need to merge data from the two together? Perhaps you have wanted to tag your archive of articles with links to relevant company profiles to cross-sell products?

If so, you could do the data matching manually, if the lists are small and you have enough time and resources to do it. Most likely the amount of data that you would need to match would make this impractical. Plus or Minus Seven have experience and custom tools to:

  • Help automate the matching process, reducing the effort and cost to do the matching substantially.
  • Develop rules for determining what rankings are matches, what are not and what needs to be looked at.

As a result, we can reduce the time it takes to merge data and remove duplications substantially while letting your team get on with their tasks.

In addition to consulting, our data matching service is built around our own:

  • Data loading and cleaning tools
  • Data matching algorithms
  • Report generator for matches and metrics

What does the engagement look like?

Our typical one-off data matching engagement includes:

  • Analysis to understand the data and how it relates
  • Preparing the data for our matching service
  • Test run of sample data and review of results
  • Refinement of algorithms and decision rules
  • Run of full data set and matching output generated

If you have ongoing data matching needs, we can also work with you to integrate our tools into your environment or set up an ongoing support agreement.