Digital transformation insight

Typically, our engagement starts with a discussion of where you are and what you see as the pain points, and opportunities. Drawing on our over 15 years of research and experience in transformation, we can help position you in transformation landscape. We provide insight into:

  • The strategic issues that need to be addressed
  • What areas of the business are likely to be impacted
  • A high-level transformation framework and model
  • An initial assessment of the organisation’s capacity to transform

This insight can serve as a stand-alone piece of advice, giving you assurance for your transformation programme or options to consider in planning. It is also the basis of our subsequent work on developing the transformation strategy and programme.

Typically, the insight requires a half-day workshop with key stakeholders and access to any existing business strategies and plans. We then analyse the information and prepare the report, along with a brief presentation of our insights.

To find out more about our digital transformation insight process, you can review our Insight brochure or contact us to talk about your needs.