Transformation programme management

Turning strategy into reality.

Once the strategy is in place, we can help translate it into a concrete road map of organisational change. Our focus here is on balancing your immediate business-as-usual demands and the need to make often radical changes to the way you do business. We recognise that transformation programmes are not easy. Each organisation has their own speed and priorities; therefore, we design each transformation programme individually based on a proven framework.

Our transformation programme framework consists of a number of inter-related work streams within which specific projects are delivered. The work streams cover all aspects of digital transformation, from technology and data models to business processes and skills.

We can also provide ongoing transformation programme management, ensuring that the programme delivers against the strategy and key business objectives, both in the short and long-term. As part of our programme management, we can also provide advice on partners and Big Data prototypes/proof of concepts.

Examples of recent transformation programme work

Southbank Centre

Plus or Minus Seven worked with the Southbank Centre to define their digital transformation strategy and then translate that into a transformation programme that addressed:

  • Technology
  • Data/content model
  • Business and financial models
  • Work force and skills

In its first year, we have managed projects across all four work streams and have delivered benefits already, as well as laying the groundwork for ongoing transformation.

Space for Health

Plus or Minus Seven worked with a consortium of Government agencies to design and deliver a transformation programme bringing healthcare building guidance online. As the transformation programme manager, we worked with:

Our role was to oversee the technical and commercial aspects of the transformation programme. We helped procure development partners, manage the implementation of the technology platform and reported to the board as part of the transformation programme governance.