Transformation through presence

Submitted by Stephen Moffitt on
Tue 04/11/2014

One of the key factors in a successful transformation is people. If people do not change, then no new technologies, customer offerings or business models will work. But how to transform people?

Patrizio Paoletti

Patrizio Paoletti

One person who has been exploring this question for over 30 years is Patrizio Paoletti and, on 29 November, there is an opportunity to take part in a seminar dedicated to introducing his ideas: Presence- The Power of the Moment at Arundel House, near Temple tube.

At the heart of Paoletti’s work is a focus on being able to adapt to a changing environment, while at the same time, keeping on track to answering the big question, “Why am I here?” This is the path of transformation through presence. Combining the most recent discoveries of neuroscience with ancient practices and wisdom, he describes a path that leads one toward a more profound understanding of oneself and the ability to make real changes in our lives.

I have been fortunate enough to have studied with Paoletti for nearly 12 years now and what I have learned from him has had a profound affect on my work and life. While I don’t normally write so personally in these blogs, I feel that what I have gained in these years is beyond measure. Not only have I working on the personal aspect of what Paoletti has shared, I have also attempted to translate it into how I, and by extension, Plus or Minus Seven, goes about advising its clients.

If you are interested in transformation, either on the personal or organisational level and are looking for something beyond the usual, I would suggest going to the seminar on 29 November. It will definitely give you new perspectives and tools.