Why a business has to transform

Today’s business world has changed. It is a simple comment and yet it has had a dramatic change on how we do business and whether a business will thrive or die. We have seen many household names disappear both online and off the high street. Huge brands like Blackberry that were the leaders a few years ago have nearly collapsed because they could not respond to the changes in technology and customer expectations.

 “Executives must recognize that it’s no longer possible to separate ‘the technology’ from ‘the business’; the two are too tightly intertwined. IT helps redesign the company’s products and supports its processes; it drives its supply chains; it becomes part of the products themselves and creates new ones; it allows access to new consumers; it provides the framework to create new services. An organization cannot be the best in its sector unless it excels at understanding and using technology”.


From the way we interact, win pitches, run our private lives, new technology impacts everyone, everywhere. Customers, especially the so-called ‘Generation Z’ born after 1995, now expect to interact with businesses through technology as they wish to, not as the business tells them to.

The following diagram shows how the new digital age has an impact on all areas of the business. As a result, businesses need to reinvent themselves, becoming more adaptive and agile in their business models and processes. If they do not, they risk losing customers and becoming irrelevant in the digital age.

diagram of how digital age impacts business

The biggest issue businesses face is recognising this and planning how they will change to take advantage of this new environment. Typically, ‘in-house’ staff are either too near the business to have a clear bird’s eye view or they simply do not have the experience to inform the business how they should change.

Having worked in the digital world for over 15 years, Plus or Minus Seven have collaborated with senior manager across a number of sectors to define a path that takes advantage of the opportunities new technology offer now while creating the flexibility to take advantage of new possibilities as they arise. We work from the user’s perspective and develop crafted processes that address all aspects of the business: technology, business models and processes.