Why are we different?

We are the transformation specialists

There are plenty of experts in change to choose from. There are plenty of experts in technology, business development and customer experience also. What makes Plus or Minus Seven different?

Plus or Minus Seven are uniquely positioned to provide organisations meaningful advice on how to transform themselves in order to succeed and prosper in the new digital age.We have over 40 years of combined academic research and practical experience across a range of sectors and geographies. As a result of this work, we have developed a paradigmatic approach to transformation. We do not know what the future will look like, but we know how organisations and people can become adaptive, agile and responsive to the unknown, while reaching tangible business objectives.

In order to achieve this, we do not focus simply on technology, or business processes, but on all aspects of the organisation. Our expertise in technology, business, communications and law allow as to act as the “translator”, helping all parts of the organisation to build the relationships and agreements necessary to implement the transformation effectively.

Working with brands such as The BBC, The Southbank Centre and the Department of Health/NHS to name but a few, we have advised and created transformation strategies and roadmaps that enable the business to ride the wave of new tech rather than be sucked under by new competition.

We are a group of strategists, consultants, data scientists, developers and change experts who come from diverse backgrounds and have different expertise. What brings us together is the fact we are transformation specialists. We understand that we have entered an unknown territory. One that, with careful planning, will empower an organisation to succeed in the future or, with poor planning, can see yet another market leader disappear into irrelevance.