How we work

Transformation strategies based on research and experience.

Our typical engagement starts with a variant of one of two client questions.

  • “How do we change to take advantage of the opportunities that digital technologies offer?”
  • “How do we change in order to stay competitive in this new economy?”

The advice and guidance that we provide in response to these questions is based on our model of transformation, backed by nearly 20 years of experience and research into how large-scale transformations occur.

The model that is at the core of our consultancy explains how and why it is that major disruptions occur in business and the economy. Most importantly, the model identifies the process of how these disruptions occur and are then normalised. What this means is that different strategies and actions are required, depending upon where we are in the process. Find out more about the model on our posting ‘Think Big, Do Small.’

As a result, we start out our engagement with you by understanding where you are in the process and offering insight that will allow you to ask better questions and, therefore, get better results from your teams and partners in order to transform your organisation. This piece of work is typically a brief 3-5 day engagement where we ask questions, listen and translate our model and experience into your context.

We can also work with you to develop strategies and implement them based on our insight work. Find out more about how in our services section.